Maskne 3 Pack

Maskne 3 Pack

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Maskne? Experiencing irritation from prolonged mask use? 

1. Holy Grail
A recovery solution: A few sprays of Holy Grail around your mouth area and on your mask throughout the day will instantly soothe skin, keeping it energized and hydrated. $30

2. Cream Cleanser & Shield Recovery 
Cream Cleanser to nourish, Shield Recovery to hydrate and protect. 

The Cream Cleanser is a lightweight, moisturizing cleansing cream that deep cleans skin and pores without drying. Great use for all skin types, and completely non-irritating to eyes and skin.  

Shield Recovery provides a moisture-rich formula that dramatically replenishes hydration to dry, sensitive or compromised skin. Helps provide an antioxidant rich protective-barrier while helping with the look and feel of tight and distressed skin.

Cleanser $45 / Shield Recovery $74
3. Warm Up, Cool Down or Smooth & Soothe Clinical Facial Kits (great value on 2 retail size products in kits and the kit includes free samples!) Simple, luxurious at home facials for beautiful, healthy skin. Both kits are a tone-up for your complexion, they are simple at home facials that help to achieve glowing skin while supporting overall skin health. $105